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3 Great Jobs Industries for People with Autism

    Great Jobs for People with Aspergers & on the Autism spectrum

    Finding a career for someone on the Autism spectrum is difficult, but not impossible, below are three great job industries that often compliment the skills of people on the Autism spectrum: 

     1) Science/Technology

    Science and technology are often a great prospective career choice for individuals with Autism.
    Why? It compliments their attention to detail and adherence to routine practices and procedures. Additionally, structured environments are often where people on the spectrum feel most comfortable and therefore do their best work! 
    Possible careers: scientist, researcher, lab assistant, lab tech, computer programmer, software engineer.


    2) Manufacturing
    A labor intensive job may not be the first thing to come to mind but offer a lot of potential for people on the Autism spectrum!
    Why? The repetition of many manufacturing jobs - which seems tedious to most people - can be comforting to individuals with Autism. Working in an assembly line does not require a substantial amount of social skills for those who are still working hard to overcome that barrier.
    3) Animals
    Have you ever heard of Temple Grandin? She is famous for her award winning work with animals, a career she excels in and greatly enjoys.
    Why? Social interaction with animals has been documented to have a profound impact on people, my brother included! People with Autism can have great careers working as veterinarian assistants or at a groomers.

    Interested in reading more about great jobs for people with Aspergers? Check out: /adults-with-autism-resources-in-massachusetts/resources-jobs-for-people-on-the-autism-spectrum-in-bo

    Posted on Jul 9, 2015 8:22:00 PM by Natalie Breen

    Natalie Breen

    Written by Natalie Breen

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